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100 Most Popular Italian Dishes

The peperone crusco, is a staple of the local cuisine, defined as the “red gold of Basilicata”. It is consumed as a snack or as a main ingredient for several regional recipes. Due to the long history of shepherding in Abruzzo and Molise, lamb dishes are common. Mushrooms , rosemary, and garlic are also extensively used in Abruzzese cuisine. Fish is the second course in meals and is also an ingredient in the preparation of seasonings for types of pasta.

  • To make Risotto all’Amarone, cooks marry Amarone, the Veneto’s powerhouse wine, with Vialone Nano rice, a type of medium grain rice specific to the region.
  • Cappellacci di Zucca, a type of pumpkin stuffed ravioli, is a local speciality of Ferrara.Order un caffè after dessert, not during the meal.
  • Trentino-South Tyrol region is home to the most beautiful mountains in Italy .
  • Eating this Italian dish is practically a bucket list item on its own!
  • Cacio e pepe is a delicious Roman specialityOrder wine with a meal—Italians only drink beer and soft drinks with pizza.

The climate and Germanic food influences in the north lend themselves to heavier sauces. As you work your way to the south, sauces become more tomato based. In Italy — as in many cultures — the act of cooking and eating is best shared in the company of friends and family. On our recent trip to South Tyrol in northern Italy, we were surprised to find the culture is largely Germanic. Locals describe themselves as German-speaking Italians. Foods here are heavily influenced by Germany, Austria, and Hungary — impressively hearty dishes that tell the rich history of the region better than any guidebook.

Pasta Dishes

According to the National Pasta Association, there are over 600 separate pasta shapes produced worldwide. Enter the ever popular starches, which are used as a vehicle for other flavors—from Arborio rice, which makes the creamiest risotto, to fettuccine, tortellini, and ziti. When preparing Italian cuisine at home, spring for the best pasta that you can afford.

Italian Dishes

Lamb Tagliata With Watercress & Tomatoes

Tagliatelle pasta comes with many sauces, but if you happen to visit Bologna you should opt for traditional Bolognese tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce. If you are traveling to Rome, please try Spaghetti Carbonara, a traditional spaghetti dish from Rome. Okay, this is actually a cheesecake, but it’s so creamy and light that you won’t care what it’s called, you’ll just ask for more. This twist on the traditional Italian peperonata omits the tomatoes, but the bell peppers are hearty and colorful enough on their own. Serve the extra with vegetables or fish, or spread it on sandwiches. This is part of BA’s Best, a collection of our essential recipes.

Puccia di pane – a bread made in honor of the Virgin Mary. Pane casereccio – a bread made from durum wheat, yeast, flour, salt, and water. Riso, patate e cozze or Tiella barese – a Bari specialty made with rice, potatoes, and mussels, similar to paella, cooked in an earthenware pan or in the oven. It is likely that this recipe is a variant of Paella given the long Spanish domination in the kingdom of Naples.

A Brief History Of Food In Italy

On the other hand, Sicily was under Arab control at this time and experienced a much different influence. The Arabs introduced Sicilians to various spices, dried fruit and dried herbs. The Arabic rulers brought pasta to Sicily for convenience, and the Italians took the food and transformed it into an art. Pasta quickly rose in popularity and spread to Napes and Genoa and eventually other European nations including, France and Spain. New ideas and religion also impacted the foods people in Italy could eat and how they prepared their meals. Extreme shifts in ideology between the Roman Empire and Italy in the Middle Ages led to varying food practices.

It was allegedly eaten by philandering men who needed a caffeine ‘pick me up’ in order to appear alert to their suspicious wives the next morning. Regardless of when and where the iconic creamy dessert was invented, there’s something utterly modern about a great Panna Cotta. The dessert derives its ‘spoonability’ from the addition of gelatin and it’s typically served in a flat dome shape though we’ve also eaten traditional Panna Cotta in a pudding glass. Neapolitans love eating a Frittatina or two before eating pizza. After eating this one at 50 Kalo in Naples, we understand the sentiment.The Frittatina is proof that pasta fries up just as well as rice. Neapolitan figgitorie and pizza shops sell these deep fried pasta fritters all day, every day throughout the city.