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restaurant Chatham House Florida

The Restaurant Chatham House in Seaside Florida

A Seaside landmark, the restaurant Chatham House features an outdoor pool with heated water available for an additional $35 per day. The property also has a grill, a dining area, and an outdoor bar. Its modern design and beautiful views of the beach make it a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike. Reservations for the restaurant are available year-round, but do note that it is not a party or gathering place. No more than eight people may stay at one time. In the event of a large group staying at the restaurant, a double cleaning charge will be applied.

Reservations must be made 60 days in advance. A full cleaning is provided mid-stay and during your stay. If you make a reservation for more than 12 nights, a mid-stay clean will be performed. There is an additional rental charge for Bike Fees, Amenity Passes, and CSA Trip Insurance. Please consider these options carefully before booking your trip. They are well worth the extra money. Just think of all the extras you can enjoy during your vacation!

The Seaside Amenity Fee includes access to the community tennis courts and swimming pools. It also includes 4 Beach Cruisers, as well as two parking passes to the Seaside community. Guests must be at least 26 years old. Accommodations at the Chatham House are also pet-friendly. There is no charge to check pets, but you will need one adult in your party who is over the age of 26 to rent the beach cruisers.